best way to create instgram bot December 29th, 2018

The way to create instgram bot

Written athul Krishnan on 28/12/2018

Instagram bot or instgram feed liker

The way it works

instgram bot method instgram Roberts . Most of the people are searching out better manner to get many followers on Instagram most of them recognize to get followers and likes we ought to spend masses of time on Instagram by using liking and commenting for your followers put up if we do that we can get many fans and likes for our account . We don’t have time so we use bot it will routinely likes the publish of your friends when they upload itself so instgram think that we are very lively on Instagram and make our account rank pinnacle and we get 800+ fans every day
It’s far a very clean way

Tools required to create instgram bot

Domain name
Bot script
Cronjob task web site


Domain name

A domain name is your internet site call. A domain call is the address where internet customers can get entry to your internet site. A site call is used for finding and identifying computers at the internet.

Website hosting

A web web hosting provider is a kind of internet website hosting service that permits individuals and agencies to make their internet site handy thru the world extensive internet.


Bot script

A bot is a complicated automatic software that may simulate the activities of a human user. … Bots may be written in any Programming language like C,C++,C#, Java or Python. … What is the primary difference between a laptop programming language and a pc application?

Cron task

Cron is a Linux utility which schedules a command or script to your server to run automatically at a specific time and date. A cron activity is the scheduled undertaking itself. Cron jobs can be very useful to automate repetitive responsibilities

Down load instgram bot script
Click here – download
Cron process web site link – https://cron-job.Org
Web hosting website online link – https://namecheap.Com


easy way to start blog December 26th, 2018

The way to start a blog (2019)

Written by  athul Krishnan on 26/12/2018
I understand

Beginning a weblog can be puzzling if you haven’t done it before.

There’s so much statistics about domain names, net hosting and running a blog systems.

…where must you begin?

…Is there an less difficult manner?

Here’s the good news: growing a blog is a lot easier than you suspect (no coding competencies required). On this put up, I’m going provide an explanation for exactly the way to do it, step by step.

It’s so clean, in truth, that here’s a weblog I created in less than 15 mins:


After following the stairs on this manual, you could do the same.

It might appear like very primary, however in fact, I most effective spent a few minutes tweaking it and adding content material to the website.

If you spend a chunk extra time designing the weblog, there’s no restriction to what you may construct…

To get started out the proper manner, I recommend going through the guide to keep away from the commonplace mistakes maximum new bloggers make.

With out further ado, allow’s get started out.


Step 1 – pick Your blog subject matter

Before you start demanding about exceptional blogging systems or the design of your blog, it’s essential to pick a niche or subject matter.

When I started cheapsmmstore, I had a clean subject matter/niche in thoughts – internet development.

I was passionate (still am) approximately net improvement and socialmedia advertising, so I started out a blog in which I may want to assist others with distinct courses and tutorials on web layout and development. Finally, it grew to a point in which I started to make cash from it.

Don’t get me incorrect… you could still weblog approximately all of the things you want, however if you need to make your weblog a hit, it wishes to be targeted on one topic.

Right here’s what I recommend to ninety nine% of the individuals who don’t know which subject matter to pick out for their weblog:

Choose some thing you’re both tremendously obsessed with or a subject which you have deep information.

In case you’re obsessed with some thing, it’s less difficult to write in a manner that’s attractive and fun on your readers. And if you’re an professional on a particular subject matter, it’s tons easier to provide an explanation for matters in a way that humans can understand.


Step 2 – choose a running a blog Platform (CMS)

Firstly, there are a couple of blog software and offerings you could use. Just to name a few:






I don’t need to get an excessive amount of detail of evaluating exceptional running a blog structures (there’s lots of statistics on Google), but likely the best way to begin a weblog is by means of using WordPress.

You can sign on without spending a dime, it’s very beginner-pleasant and springs with hundreds of free topics to select from.

WordPress powers over 50%+ of all of the blogs at the internet, which includes 55% of the top 100 corporation blogs.


There’s a motive why bloggers love WordPress. It’s easy, rapid and dependable.


Step 3 – join up With WordPress.Com (it’s free)

Fortuitously, WordPress offers both loose and paid plans to help create your weblog.

So, you could start off at the loose plan and take a look at the waters, chance-free. You may continually upgrade later on.

A way to create blog on WordPress:-
Once you click at the “Get started out” button, you’ll be redirected to the next page which pretty sincere. Genuinely upload your email cope with, pick out the username and create your account.

When you’ve registered, you’ll be capable of start creating your weblog.

You could start out via selecting a call in your blog, area of interest (or subject matter), dreams and level of information. If you want to change your weblog call, you could also try this later. Don’t stress approximately it too much now.
On the subsequent web page, you’re capable of pick out a domain name in your weblog.

A domain name is just the cope with people can locate your blog at, like “www.Yourblogname.Com”

I advocate you get the .Com if you could, as it’s simplest for the general public to recollect, however it’s good enough to get an finishing like .Internet or .Co if your first preference isn’t available.

In my case, I used WebsiteSetupTestBlog.Com. A free domain is protected for all paid plans.

If you have no price range, simply go with a sub-area that is free.
When you’ve selected the proper domain name, it’s time to choose your WordPress plan.

Remember the fact that in case you didn’t choose a domain call, you don’t need to shop for their plan and just weblog on a subdomain like “YourBlog.WordPress.Com”.

However, if you are critical approximately blogging, keep reading…

WordPress.Com has many plans, so it could appear a bit formidable to pick one. I went beforehand and examined every one, and it become clear that their “business” plan is the maximum flexible.

It comes with limitless free issues to pick from, superior design and monetization options and many others.

In case you want absolutely the basics and nothing else, the “personal” plan will work just pleasant.
When you’ve finished registration and selected the plan, you’ll have a weblog up & ready on the internet.


However, now the fun starts…


Step 4 – start Designing Your weblog

WordPress is pretty straightforward and simple. It’s sort of like a internet site builder, but much inexpensive and more bendy.

There’s a guide forum, know-how base and pleasant customer service… but I’ll lay out some of the critical stuff so you can begin tweaking and designing your blog right away.

Step 5 – Create important Pages and Posts

You don’t want your weblog to be empty.

So, create crucial pages like “about Me” and “contact”.

To build these pages, simply visit “web site Pages” > “add”. In my example, I wrote a page referred to as “lease me”.


Ok, so you’ve laid the inspiration by including vital pages…It’s time to write your first blog posts.


Step 6 – Get traffic & Make money (non-compulsory)


easy way to get Facebook page likes December 24th, 2018

Here is a short way to Get extra Likes in your fb page

Written by athul Krishnan on dec 24, 2018,8 :50:00 Pm
If u want on the spot web page likes & fans:-
There’s one easy way to get greater Likes on fb — and it’s less difficult than you observed
Just purchase likes from exceptional socialmedia advertising platform . And it’s far cheasmmstore.Com


12 methods to get extra web page likes

1. Be steady

Put up at the least five times every week so that you’re “top of mind” to your enthusiasts.

(My non-public advice is to publish at the least as soon as an afternoon. Put up extra in case you’re getting brilliant traffic. Just make certain that you’re tracking the whole thing in facebook Insights)

2. Time it proper

The high-quality time to put up will rely upon the form of commercial enterprise you’re in.

(via using post Planner you can effortlessly plan out the satisfactory instances to publish! There is no “magic time” to submit, so mix it up and see which performs high-quality on your web page.)


 3. Use desirable pix

Change photos and video with textual content-only updates.

(pictures are the maximum shared piece of content on fb — and all social media for that count. That is why Instagram and Pinterest have finished so well.)

How do you locate super, beautiful pics?

Clean. Use post Planner’s popular phase. Right here’s how to use it:

4. Maintain it short

In keeping with a observe achieved by Salesforce, tweets which are below 100 characters get 17% higher engagement than longer ones. Fb is not an awful lot distinct. Shorter messages have a tendency to perform higher.

I would move a step similarly and say restriction it to 80 characters.

The faster it’s miles to read, the much more likely human beings will surely read and percentage it.


5. Be relevant

Your content material have to let your audience recognise that you realize who they’re.

(A excellent way to stay applicable is to use the fame thoughts Engine and content Library in submit Planner to put up engaging statuses and trending content from numerous assets).

6. Use your proper voice

People are your fans and buddies because they like what you do. Your voice on facebook ought to be actual in your emblem.

It is one of the keys to conquering fb advertising.

There’s not anything worse than being absolutely stale and uninteresting on fb.

In case your audience is skaters you must submit like a skater, no longer like a Wall street CEO.

7. Encompass a name to movement

In case you ask your lovers to test-Out Your publish, share, Like or comment, they may be more likely to do it.

(With that in thoughts might you please Like and percentage this post!😉)

8. Be creative with apps

Contest and promoting apps, in conjunction with forms, surveys, and so on. Can deepen users’ involvement with a enterprise or logo.

(don’t overdo it with apps in your web page even though. Contests are a first-rate manner to get more lovers and are extraordinarily shared on facebook.

Andrea Vahl posted a first-rate tutorial on the way to run a contest on Jon Loomer’s blog — you need to check out.)

9. Have a sense of urgency

Include up-to-minute tips and tricks, and on every occasion feasible, dispel myths.

(it is continually an awesome idea to live on pinnacle of what’s going on in your niche — and to proportion that along with your fans. What you don’t need to do is proportion a publish this is a year antique and not relevant.)

10. Provide fee

Before you percentage some thing on facebook ask your self in case you assume your enthusiasts will discover fee in the content material.

(in the event that they don’t locate any cost in it, they might not percentage it!)

11. Be interesting


Easy way to get YouTube subscribe December 23rd, 2018

Quality methods to Get extra YouTube Subscribers (2018)

By way of athul Krishnan  last updated Dec. 22, 2018

On this new put up i’m going to train you the way to get greater YouTube subscribers in 2018.

In fact:

Those are the precise techniques I used to develop up my channel from 0 to 100,900 subscribers.

And nowadays I’m going to show you how I did it…

…and the way you can do the same …

1. Use “electricity Playlists”

“energy Playlists” are like normal playlists… however more better.

Here’s i can show you ways they work:

You spot, maximum playlists are organized with the aid of topics.

But energy Playlists are very extraordinary.

As opposed to the usage of topics, electricity Playlists are organized by using results.

Right here’s an instance from my channel:

As you can see, the name of that playlist is an final results
Which makes human beings to watch my playlist… and subscribe my channel.

And that leads us to extra subscribers…

2. Publish lengthy length movies (10 minutes +)

Yup, this goes against traditional information.

However stay with me.

I recently did it’s far one of the main motive for rating your channel

And i discovered some thing sudden:

Longer videos ranks higher in YouTube speedy.

For example:

Some days ago I posted a video.
My video is sort of 16 mins long :
And that’s one of the principal motives that it ranks #1 in YouTube for the keyword: “socialmedia advertising”:

3. Promote motion pictures for your quit displays

The greater of your films someone watches, they much more likely to subscribe your channel

Your questions may be :

How will we get people to watch three, five or maybe 15 of your movies?

Promote every other video to your cease display.

This is straightforward “next Video” has led to heaps of bonus views and subscribers:

Right here’s how you can do the identical issue:

First, encompass 10 seconds of time at the give up of your motion pictures mainly to your stop display screen.
Then, use YouTube’s give up display editor to feature a link to a related films:
That’s all there’s to it 🙂

4. Consciousness On exceptional… now not amount

Once I commenced my YouTube channel, I study the equal recommendation from nearly all weblog time and again once more:

“in case you need to sell you channel, you want to upload movies on a everyday foundation”

Each one suppose it’s miles a distinct recommendation.
But in case you observe this step success is to your hand

5. Respond To each comment

This is one of the high-quality and simplest approaches to get develop with more subscribers.

In truth, YouTube’s inner records has observed a clean correlation between replying to feedback and subscribers:

“when creators make the effort to have interaction with their loyal network, it can encourage perspectives participation and ultimately bring about a bigger fanbase.”

Why does this assist?

Well, most YouTubers by no means reply to remarks.

Because of this you instantly stand out whilst you do.

That’s why I do my great to answer to as many comments .

6. Use an outstanding Channel Icon

Your channel icon indicates up EVERYPLACE on YouTube.

That’s why it’s definitely essential to use the proper one.

So in case you’re a non-public emblem, use a excessive-res headshot

If you’re a organization channel, use a model of your logo designed for YouTube.

As an example, ESPN rounded their logo so it really works flawlessly as a Channel Icon:

7. Create a Channel Tagline

Let’s face it:

Maximum YouTube channels do not anything to face out.

And hey, I’m not judging.

Within the early days of my channel I absolutely left out my channel’s positioning.

And it turned into one of the major motives that I struggled.

Once I began to strategically function my channel, my views and subscribers shot up like a rocketship.

Fortunately, you don’t need an MBA to place and emblem your channel.

In fact, all you want to do is create a simple tagline.

Here’s the three-step technique:

First, perceive ONE component that makes your channel particular or distinctive.

Maybe you’re a hectic mom that could deadlift 500 kilos.

Perhaps your channel teaches software corporations the way to grow their blog.

The precise “issue” doesn’t rely.

So long as it’s specific than the alternative channels to your area of interest, you’re set.

As an instance:

My motion pictures educate human beings advertising and marketing strategies they could use to grow their enterprise.

But if I made my tagline “I train marketing techniques” or “I help you develop your enterprise”, I’d combination in with hundreds of different channels on YouTube.

So I determined to consciousness on the one factor that my channel makes a speciality of:

Higher ratings and more visitors.

2d, placed that tagline in huge font on your Channel artwork .

8. Create movies That overwhelm Watch Time

Yup, Watch Time is a massively essential YouTube rating factor.

And no longer only for YouTube seo.

Motion pictures with high Watch Time numbers get promoted greater regularly at the YouTube homepage

Nine. Embed YouTube films In blog Posts

Your weblog is a huge untapped source of views and subscribers.


Properly, if someone’s analyzing your text content material, they virtually like your stuff.

Because of this they’re primed to subscribe.

That’s why I embed masses of films in my weblog posts.

9. Sell Your Channel In Ebooks, Webinars, displays and Lead Magnets

The subsequent time you create ANY piece of content material, ask yourself:

“How am i able to funnel human beings from this content to my channel?”

For instance, I include a hyperlink to my channel in each lead magnet:

While someone lands for your channel web page, things can manifest:

They leave right away

They watch more of your films and subscribe

And i will let you know from revel in that an optimized channel page can boom your subscribers by using 2-5x.

For instance, my channel used to appearance superb unprofessional:

Prepared extra posts :

Our smm panel :- HTTPS://

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